vagabond heart: sailing adventures of the hawkins family





About Us

Just a brief introduction - We are sure you will find where we go and what we find more interesting...


Born to a long line of seafaring folk - pirates, master mariners, harbour masters, navy officers - I've always had a need to be by the sea, on the sea or in the sea. Brought up on the Isle of Wight in England the desire for warmer waters and better surf brought me to Sydney in 1987. Once upon a time a petroleum engineer and now a management consultant. Life needs to slow down a bit and time with the kids whilst they still want to be with Dad is so important.


A Cheshire girl (in England) who grew up in Jersey, Channel Isles. Always had a sense of adventure (must have had to marry Bill AND have 3 kids!) and ready to take on a challenge. 17 years as a Doctor in Emergency Medicine has given the team some priceless experience to carry with us and also a very sharp awareness of how life can deal some unexpected blows. Never put off doing what you really want to do, you may not get the chance again.


Edward is 9 in February 2005 and has just completed his third year at primary school. As Deb says, Edward is always "out there" - a blur of movement and noise. Life is fun and there is always something we should be doing. His footy coach (rugby league) did comment that "it is an awful lot of energy to confine in a small boat". There's always a question to be asked, a place to explore and a game to try. Edward is chief mate, bottle washer and fisherman.


Alice is 7 in April 2005 and like all girls her age, going on 17. Growing up with 2 boys means she is used to getting stuck in and not afraid of sorting them out when she thinks they need it. Alice can combine dance lessons and rugby league on the same day, and carry off both with great style and success. She is also the artist in the family taking after Deb. She is Mum's 2 IC and in charge of ensuring things are done with a certain amount of style and decorem.


Wil is 6 in September 2005. Hard as nails and game for anything - essential survival skills when you are trying to keep up with older brothers and sisters. Life is easy for Wil, he sees his main job is to love his Mum and make people laugh. He's very good at both.